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Engaging and Effective Content

Multi-Device Learning

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tutis for RTO's will:

Reduce data entry effort

Make AVETMISS reporting easier

Let you train and assess students globally


tutis for Enterprise will:

Build employee engagement

Manage all training requirements

Reduce the overall cost of training

Eliminate the risks of non-compliance

At Tutis Operations our cloud based,all-in-one software
takes the hard work and risk out of training management.
The software is Tutis for Enterprises and Tutis for RTOs

Tutis for RTOs

Tutis is an easy to use, intuitive, multi-functional, fully integrated AVETMISS compliant system that allows the client to manage their business efficiently and effectively.

Tutis for Enterprise

Tutis allows enterprises to easily and effectively define, manage and track workforce and contractor skills/competencies requirements allowing your training team to deliver the services you need from them – training.

Tutis Managed Service

Tutis Operations offers “tutis as a Managed Service” data input services to centralise the administration of your training. Utilising tutis, we ensure your training records are up to date and meet all compliance requirements.

Content as a Service

No matter what training and assessment materials you need the team at Tutis Operations can help your company achieve your training outcomes by creating innovative training resources at a reasonable cost.

Content to Purchase

Tutis Operations offers for purchase (or licence through tutis) a suite of high quality, audit compliant training course materials for online learning and assessment.

Content Development

Tutis offers a range of up-to-date e-Learning packages which can be used in conjunction with tutis functionality, or uploaded to any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Flexibility

    eLearning can take place anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for learners. Learners have the option to choose when they wish to learn.

  • Increased Retention

    Since learners can work at their own pace, they can retain more information than with traditionally instructor led training.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Reduce costs associated with training and development of employees without the need of travel and accommodation.

  • Consistent Quality

    Every learner has access to the same high quality instruction ensuring they receive a consistent message.

System Development

tutis for RTOs is a web-based system that allows Registered Training Organisations to effectively manage their business. tutis has been developed, in consultation with a broad cross section of industries, by a team who have extensive experience in the training sector.

Tutis Operations offers “tutis as a Managed Service” data input services to centralise the administration of your training. Our data processing services are undertaken with either tutis for enterprise or tútis for RTO depending on your business. Tutis can deliver packing of the following the following dependent on your need: Setup

  • Ease of Access

    tútis can be accessed from anywhere and at any time throughout the day or night (Does require an internet connection)

  • Increased Operational Efficiencty

    tútis provides increased operational efficiency creating better business processes and increased workflow

  • Increased Administration

    tútis improves administration though workflow automation

  • Federal and State Legislation

    tútis manages compliance across state and federal legislations