Tutis Expedited eLearning Service

Tutis is pleased to announce the launch of its Tutis Expedited eLearning Service. The purpose of this service is to help companies move quickly to remote…

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Our mission is to take the complexity and risk out of compliance management.

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Innovating with emerging technology,
Simplifying Workforce Compliance and
Delivering effective, engaging training solutions

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Take the Complexity and Risk Out of Compliance Management

Tutis is the Latin word for safe, secure, protected, assured; the Tutis team is passionate about delivering compliance assured in the areas of workforce capability and skills.  The Tutis training compliance software solutions are as follows:

  • For Enterprises: Workforce Capability, Skillset, Training and Assessment Management solutions, and
  • For Training Providers (eg RTOs): Training Management (TMS), Assessment, Student Management (SMS), RPL and Learning Management (LMS) solutions.

Tutis provides holistic, cloud based compliance solutions, either used by customers or delivered by Tutis as a managed service.

The Tutis compliance management solutions were created by a dedicated team with an extensive background in workforce capability, skillset management, training and assessment management, workforce on-boarding, elearning, records management and compliance systems in general. This experience has been gained across several industries including mining, process manufacturing, security, retail and training providers (especially RTOs).

Training Compliance Software Solutions

Have ultimate peace of mind by having the experts run the compliance processes. The Tutis managed service helps take the hard work out of managing the operational side of compliance.

TUTIS_ENTERPRISE solution is a holistic compliance software solution across workforce capability and training functions. Features include onboarding, skillset and learning management, mapped assessments, paperless records management, dashboards, reports, authorisations, work permits and other industry specific functionality (eg for mining: mining incident management and integration with the mining standards database

TUTIS_TRAIN solution is a holistic training compliance software solution for private training providers, such as RTOs & PTEs. It provides compliance processes across all training, assessment, student management and reporting activities.

TUTIS_TRAIN is a single, integrated TMS, SMS, CRM, RPL, LMS, Assessment and Reporting software solution. Reporting includes AVETMISS and RAPT compliance reports and configurable dashboards.


The purpose of the Tutis solution is to deliver compliance assured; Tutis would love to help your organisation achieve this.

TUTIS Pillars1. Managed Compliance Risk

Improved compliance across:

  • Statutory & Regulatory requirements including WHS/OHS
  • Industry Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Corporate Strategic Alignment and Corporate Policy
  • Cultural, Ethical and Community Standards (reputational risk)
  • Audit readiness and transparency

2. Reduced Complexity

  • Easy-to-use functions and automated processes
  • Training, competency assessment and authorisation activities automatically tracked and accessible

3. Optimised Running Costs

  • Improved training effectiveness
  • Increased workforce agility and productivity

4. Delivered Paperless

  • Reduced paperwork or, if desired, paperless