Case Studies

KCGM (Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines)

“Knowledge assessments are conducted online. Skills Assessments are now conducted in the field using Tablet Mobile technology. The above technological breakthroughs have resulted in the following benefits:

  • Minimal paper usage. A saving of several thousand dollars per annum.
  • Labour saving. Tens of thousands of dollars saved per annum in wages simply by conducting the skill assessments on line.

The above two strategies have resulted in a significantly decreased administrative requirement in the form of shuffling and filing paper as records are now stored in Tutis which is accessible at any time should we require historical documentation.

Our relationship with Tutis has become the cornerstone of our staff training and retention strategy.”

Brett McFadgen – Manager
Mineral Processing KCGM (Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines)

Managed Service in Mining

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Central Outback Training

“In early 2012 we started looking for an AVETMISS Compliant System that offered Assessment Management as well as the Student Management all together in one program. Tutis offered this package and after chatting with the Tutis team where they encouraged us to come in for a demo we haven’t looked back!

Assessments published on tablets have made life so much easier both in the field and in the office with less paperwork and more manageability.

We have found their back-up & support to be above all expectations, they are always contactable with immediate replies and are very proactive in keeping up with all the required changes along with implementing new and improved systems.

Tutis is a great program and though changing programs can be a headache, it is definitely worth it and they will help you every step of the way.”

Kim Boast – Partner/RTO Manager, Australia
Central Outback Training


Various Customers

“Their product is a good product, no question about it. There isn’t anything else out there.”

“There’s relief in knowing the systemisation and workflow keeps us on top of our business.”

“If we didn’t have Tutis I think I would leave. I couldn’t work without it.”

“It is a much more efficient system for us. The staff and cost reduction has been significant.

“It’s changed our working life.”

“One of the keys was the automation of invoicing. We used to have to collect all the data from online bookings and put it into Vettrak and then the co-ordinator would manually key that into PeopleSoft. Tutis does it all now. We’ve removed that entire double entry.”

“The only touch that a human has in the process, potentially, is when a trainer deals with the student. Everything else will be completely automated.”

“I now have 180m2 of floor space that is now vacant Everything is now stored in Tutis.”

“The fact that it’s all paperless is a huge plus.”

“It will be the number one system in the marketplace because Tutis can do it all, from the time the customer enrols right through to when their invoice and certificate is emailed to them.”

“If you go any other way you have to have plugins.”

“Tutis has unmatched technical capability.”

“We don’t have to integrate with other systems. Previously, using multiple systems was causing lots of mistakes.”