Child Care

The larger you grow, the higher the risks.

Mobile quality checklists, paperless incident management and much more…

As you grow and add new centres, you may experience some of these issues:Compliance Capability

  • Attracting and retaining quality staff. Some may have less experience than you would like. Regardless you need to get them up to speed fast and then you want them to stay with you!
  • You may be concerned that some of your centres are not consistently achieving the service standards you and the regulator require.
  • Difficulty in enforcing standards.
  • Your reputation is everything. In the current age of social media, you need to maintain incredibly high services. It only takes one safety incident to ruin your reputation and tarnish your brand.

Some of the features you may like:

  • Incident Management
  • Mobile (iPad) and paperless incident management with full reporting
  • Workforce Onboarding
  • Staff induction and onboarding training done at home before they start at your centre, and on-going
  • Quality Checklists on iPads
  • Create your own daily task checklists for opening the centre each morning, for closing the centre in the evening and everything in between
  • Standard Procedures and Processes
  • Assessible on tablets and mobiles
  • Alert, Notify and Report
  • Review checklist & incidents, measure results, email and SMS alerts, weekly/ monthly reports
  • Compliance reporting
  • Complying with ACECQA requirements.

Child Care Example

Use Tutis to deliver consistently high service standards; keep staff informed and trained; paperless incident management; help gain employer of choice reputation; and satisfy ACECQA compliance.

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