The construction industry, whether directly or as a labour hire company,  operates in complex, and often hazardous, work environments. It also operates on a project basis with a changing workforce and within a rigourous safety framework.  As a result there is a requirement for effective compliance processes to ensure safe and efficient work practices.Compliance Capability

Processes range from the basic daily toolbox meetings through to complex engineering variation approval processes.  An easy-to-use, flexible and transparent solution is needed to help manage these processes.

Adding to these challenges construction also faces rapid changes in building technology and methods, driving the need for just enough, just-in-time, yet effective, skills development.

Tutis has the solution to help the construction industry ensure their staff and contractors have the skills to safely and efficiently perform their roles, and also to provide the transparency to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders the extent of training provided and its compliance with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies and community standards.

Tutis solutions can also be used to monitor compliance through extensive use of mobile devices (for example iPads) to complete forms on-the-go.  Furthermore they can be used to monitor skills currency through automated refresh alerts and gate access control.

Tutis workforce capability and skills compliance solutions for the construction industry include:

  • Workforce agility and skillset management
  • Remote, pre-site inductions
  • Staff and contractor onboarding
  • Tablet-based (ipad), paperless forms including electronic signatures  for processes such as toolbox meetings
  • Knowledge and skills assessment
  • Learning management
  • Fully visible and auditable training records
  • Compliance with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies, strategic alignment & community standards
  • Continuous improvement and integration with existing systems
  • Issue management and incident management.

Tutis cloud based solutions are delivered as a managed service; this service ensures you have the right workforce with the right skills to safely and productively do their jobs.

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Simplifying compliance in a complex world