Expedited eLearning Service

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Meet the challenge of a new, remote world
Move quickly to remote training
using Tutis Expedited eLearning Service

Tutis can help you move quickly to remote training by converting your existing face-to-face, instructor-led training courses to remote delivery.

This can be done for knowledge-based and, importantly also for practical, trades-based courses. Including either or both of the training and assessment elements.

Provide your existing material to Tutis and we will work with you to quickly move it to remote learning.

We will do this by working with you to create blended courses incorporating some or all of these elements:

  • remote webinars,
  • elearning knowledge courses,
  • knowledge assessments, and
  • practical observation-style  webinar assessments

We will refine and load the elements into the TUTIS learning management system.

Get started with your most popular courses and have them up and running in a few days or weeks. Convert your less popular courses over time.

In times of change and challenge training is more important than ever.


Service Details

Tutis will customise the service for your requirements based on two main options:

  • Training-only Service and
  • Training and Assessment Service

The Training-only Service provides a Learning Management System configured only for elearning and including student enrolments.

The Training and Assessment Service provides for elearning and for assessments. It includes student management and enrolment capability optionally including self-enrolment capability with payment gateway.

Both options provide for Tutis to discuss your situation to determine with you the structure of each unit, for example what elements will be done via live video link/webinars, and what elements will be via elearning. It also determines how student system is setup manage the training structure and learning process.

Tutis takes the raw training content material eg in word or powerpoint, discusses it with your subject matter experts and then converts it to the elearning standard SCORM for loading on to the Tutis elearning platform. Tutis can do all this work or can do the first few courses and then train your staff to do a significant portion of the work.

Similarly, for the Training and Assessment Service Tutis works with you to take the raw assessment documents to build them in the software platform for e-assessment and other observation-style assessments.   Tutis can do all this work or can do the first few and then train your staff to do the remainder.

We recommend doing the process in stages so that you can get your most popular courses up and running as remote training quickly; and then in subsequent stages convert the remaining courses.

Technical setup of the software platform for hosting the elearning and assessments is quick given the platform is all cloud-based.

To get started email Tutis on hello@tutis.com.au