Managed Service

The Managed Service model

Tutis can provide its workforce compliance solutions as a managed service. Under the managed service model Tutis operates the TUTIS solution for you by doing the data entry, enquiry, reporting and administration functions for you.

Let the Tutis managed services team help take the complexity out of the operational side of skillset and training compliance management. Our team members are experienced in managing all administrative aspects of a compliance and training organisation, and are Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the Tutis software products.

The Managed Services team provides you with a no risk, no fuss, and comprehensive administrative back end process enabling you to reduce your overheads and achieve Compliance Assured.

The Tutis On-boarding Managed Service includes:

  • Processing of enrolment paperwork for new students and creation of profile in Tutis
  • Updating of current student records in Tutis
  • Management of skill matrix for all employees and refresher periods (For Enterprise Customers)
  • Tracking of student progress and follow up to ensure maximised completions
  • Reporting progress issues to senior management personnel
  • Production of credentials and issue to students (Certificates and Transcripts, Statements of Attainment and/or Statements of Attendance or Completion)
  • AVETMISS reporting (For RTO Customers)
  • Scheduling of face to face training including assigning rooms, resources, trainer/assessors
  • Managing trainer/assessor workload
  • Managing trainer/assessor matrix (Content Experts)
  • Managing the training structure within Tutis e.g. adding or removing qualifications and/or units of competency
  • Managing the offerings and offering templates
  • Monitoring and reporting on trainer/assessor currency issues
  • Managing the assessment development and life cycle process including validation
  • Upload of compliance and training related documents and assigning access as required
  • Editing and updating of existing compliance and training related documents
  • Management of continuous improvement workflows
  • Management of surveys
  • Participation in internal audits
  • Performance monitoring, reviews and recommendations

Tutis Managed Service – Case Study

Tutis Managed Service – delivering to site pre-qualified, ready-to-work new staff & contractors

In August 2017, Tutis Operations implemented a managed service for a mining customer to manage their qualification review, on-boarding and induction process for contractors and site personnel.

This service enables contractors and staff to complete this process online PRIOR to reaching site, so once on site they are pre-qualified and ready to work after site familiarisation.

The following measurable benefits were achieved in the first 2 months:

  • 130% increase in on-boarding
  • 182 man hours saved in delivery of training
  • Reduced cost of on-boarding for contractors

PLUS finally, and very importantly, a material (20+%) increase in production output!

The managed service has now been operating for 6 months and continues to deliver compelling benefits for this mining customer.

The customer’s Safety and Training Superintendent said:

“The managed service is definitely delivering on contract expectations with upload of data and management of personnel occurring as required.

The establishment of the system and transition from site management to Tutis managed service was outstanding with a better than expected turnaround from concept to execution. Tutis has also managed the interface with our ERP well and this will be extended to integration to additional systems when the managed service is extended into other areas.

Business interaction between Tutis and site team is positive with any issues being sorted out rapidly with 100% close out.

In closing, the performance of Tutis to manage the online induction has given site management group the confidence to recommend Tutis for a whole of mine training service including operator RII training and assessment criteria to be delivered to the business.”

Some feedback from the contractor organisations, about the benefits of this managed service to them, include:

“Reduced cost of on-boarding as previously, when the induction was undertaken on site, contractors were paid for their time as this is onsite training. This is all covered now before they go to site so this has reduced costs for the contractor organisations. (For one contractor organisation alone, this equates to approximately $80,000 in savings to date).

Ability for Tutis to provide support and troubleshooting for the contractors when completing the online induction, frees up time for their office staff to focus on other areas of the business and their work duties.

Opportunity for new starters to learn more about the site they are going to, and allows them time to digest all the induction information prior to setting foot on site. Gets the workers to site quicker which has stopped the contractor companies losing the worker to other projects”.