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Pre-Site Assessed, Competent, Authorised and Ready to Work.

Whilst commodity prices have recovered, there is significant future price uncertainty and thus tremendous pressure to maximise safe production in the short-term. Others will say that it is simply the normal resources price cycle. Either way there is an imperative to build an agile workforce including an effective skills management process to better manage through the cycle.

Ensuring staff and contractors have the skills to safely and productively perform their roles is vitally important; Tutis has the expertise and products to help achieve this.

Tutis has a strong track record over many years in helping mining and process companies optimise their skills management and workforce capability.

Compliance Capability

Tutis workforce capability and skills compliance solutions for the mining industry include:

  • Workforce agility and skillset management
  • Remote, pre-site inductions
  • Staff and contractor onboarding
  • Knowledge and skills assessment
  • Learning management
  • Fully visible and auditable training records
  • Compliance with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies, strategic alignment & community standards
  • Continuous improvement and integration with existing systems
  • Issue management and incident management.

Tutis cloud based solutions are delivered as a managed service. These solutions have been specifically designed for the mining industry:

  • Helping miners ensure they always have the right workforce with the right skills to safely and productively do their jobs.

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