Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is operating in an environment of major price uncertainty and significant cost pressure.  As a result, all elements of upstream and downstream operations – extraction, processing, refining and distribution – need to run at very high availability levels most of the time, but with the capability to change production quickly based on price pressures.  Further operations need to run with maximum safety whilst costs need to be controlled very tightly.

Tutis has the solution to help Oil & Gas companies both:

  1. Ensure their staff and contractors have the skills to safely and efficiently perform their roles, and
  2. Provide the transparency to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders the extent of training provided and its compliance with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies and community standards.

Tutis solutions automate much of the processes required for monitoring skillset currencies and workforce capability against workforce requirements. Tutis reduces the compliance cost of training and administration.

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