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Manage Non-Accredited Training

It is not always appropriate to use accredited training to upskill your team members: the right mix of skills may not be available in a single unit or qualification; you don’t wish to undertake assessment tasks; or you have a very specific need and want “just-enough-just-in-time-training” to meet that need.

You may experience some of these issues:TUTIS Compliance Capability

  • Ensuring staff training and continuing professional development is effective and timely
  • Staff need to meet quality standards for your industry
  • You may have difficulty attracting and retaining quality staff
  • Because you have tight margins, staff need to get up to speed fast, so “just-enough-just-in-time” training is important
  • Your reputation is everything. In the current age of social media, you need to maintain incredibly high services. It only takes one bad service incident to ruin your reputation and tarnish your brand.

Some of the features you may like:

  • On-going use of elearning and paperless assessment, automated records management, significantly reduces staff down time
  • Assessible on tablets and mobiles
  • Course scheduling: including assigning rooms, resources and personnel
  • Alert, Notify and Report
  • Review checklist, measure results, email and SMS alerts, weekly/monthly reports
  • Continuous improvement and integration with existing systems

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