Our Story – Tutis Workforce Compliance Solutions

Tutis provides workforce compliance and training management software and solutions.The purpose of these solutions is

  • i) to provide a workforce compliance and training management solution to large enterprises to address the challenge of managing large workforces, comprising both staff and contractors, who operate under significant regulation in hazardous or complex environments;
  • ii) to provide software to service providers who deliver services to these large enterprises, in particular training providers (RTOs).

In mid-2016 Tutis Operations was established by founders with diverse expertise across workforce compliance, training, mining, infrastructure, software product, finance and strategy with the aim to create software solutions to deliver higher productivity through much more effective training and skillset management.

To fast-track development of the solutions Tutis acquired software from ABSC international.  ABSC, led by training compliance industry leader Heather Munro, supported several training providers (RTOs) with a holistic solution for proactively managing their training business.

In February 2017 Tutis released TUTIS_ENTERPRISE product for mining and other asset intensive industries.

In September 2017 Tutis released a new product TUTIS_TRAIN with mobile-enabled student learning portal, comprehensive training, elearning and assessment management plus RTO business management and regulatory reporting functions.

In September 2018 the TUTIS_ENTERPRISE product roadmap scope was broadened to provide an end-to-end Workforce Compliance and Training Management Solution, including dashboard reporting, skillset management, on-boarding, authorisation and gate access, site compliance and ERP integrations.

In 2019 and 2020 a series of product releases have been delivered and are delivering on this vision, this includes student self-enrolment portal, single-signon, and online certificate verification.

In 2020 Tutis announced a merger with VReddo – a leading Brisbane Virtual Reality software company whose solutions include their fully interactive, live VR Classroom platform which is capable of bringing together learners from anywhere across the World into a fully immersive & engaging virtual world. This merger availed the power & benefits of VR to Tutis customers and with it the re-brand to TutisVReddo.

Tutis has also extended into the CARE sectors, notably Aged Care and Disability Care, to support these fast growing sectors with workforce compliance and training management solution needs.

At Tutis we are passionate about delivering value to our customers through effective compliance management solutions.

We strive to take the complexity and risk out of workforce compliance and training management to deliver you compliance assured.