Our Story – Tutis Compliance Solutions

The Tutis compliance solution software was created and released to market in 2006 by a passionate team of training compliance professionals led by Heather Munro.  Heather was instrumental in the development of the TUTIS product and is driven to provide the best possible experience to our customers.

Heather’s family also owned and operated a successful Training & Safety Consultancy business (that included a Registered Training Organisation) based in Brisbane. This business delivered training and consultancy services to the resources industry across Australia with customers from major mining companies with multiple large sites to small standalone quarries.

In the process of conducting site training evaluations and other consultancy and training services the issues being seen were the same no matter the size of the customer business.  Paper based processes led to many mistakes being made. This made it difficult to evidence the skills held by the workforce (both permanent and contractor), how workers were trained, why and by whom, using what training materials – also who created the training materials, when and what qualified them to be content experts.

The Tutis team combined the learnings from the consultancy service business with their product management and software development expertise to create the Tutis Compliance Solution. The objective being to deliver within a single holistic solution all the processes needed to manage and administer training in a proactive manner, which was also transparent, auditable and accessible to stakeholders.

The team saw this, not only as a desirable end in itself, but as an enabler to:

  • better, more targeted training,
  • a more agile and skilled workforce, and with
  • safer operations.

Over the past ten years the team has focused on evolving the Compliance Solution to work better, have deeper, more automated functionality and have wider / more relevant capability supporting a range of industries.

The Tutis team has done this in a fast-moving environment where new software technology makes much more possible, but where much is demanded as statutory and other requirements change rapidly.

The team remains at the forefront of the industry, actively participating in conferences and industry associations.  For example, Heather is an expert in training compliance and is currently President of the Resources Training Council. She is passionately involved in consultation with industry stakeholders to drive consistency and quality in training for the resources sector.

At Tutis we are passionate about delivering value to our customers through effective compliance management solutions.

We strive to take the complexity and risk out of compliance management to deliver you compliance assured.