Compliance Solution for Private Training Establishments (PTEs)

Tutis provides a holistic solution for training compliance for training providers, such as PTEs. The Tutis compliance solution for PTEs focuses on helping organisations manage compliance risk, reduce complexity, optimise running costs and make these processes paperless.

The solution is a single, integrated TMS, SMS, CRM, RPL, LMS, Assessment and Reporting software solution. Reporting includes compliance reports and configurable dashboards. It provides compliance processes across all training, assessment, student management and reporting activities.

The compliance demands on PTEs continue to grow and the costs of running the business are constantly increasing.
Some of the compliance areas you need to adhere to include:

  • NZQA requirements – Standards for New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • EER Reporting
  • Government funding requirements
  • Demonstrating your practices and behaviours in relation to five key phases of the student experience – marketing and recruitment; enrolment; support and progression; training and assessment; and completion.

Some of the features you may like:

  • Integration with your website and Xero (or other accounting software) for end-to-end enrolment management
  • Capturing and analysis of student and employer feedback through surveys, complaints and appeals
  • On-going use of elearning and paperless assessment, automated records management, significantly reduces administrative burden and errors
  • Deliver Professional Development for PTE staff and track and monitor currency against vocational skills, training and assessments skills and DAS knowledge
  • Training scheduling including rooms, resources and people
  • Continuous improvement automated workflows
  • Student and employer user interfaces
  • EER Reporting
  • NZQA compliance reporting
  • Claim processing for all states and territories
  • Extensive reports to assist you to better manage your business.

Our cloud based, managed solutions take the complexity and risk out of compliance management.

What our customers say

“Their product is a good product, no question about it. There isn’t anything else out there.”

“There’s relief in knowing the systemisation and workflow keeps us on top of our business.”

“I now have 180m² of floor space that is now vacant. Everything is now stored in Tutis.”

“The fact that it’s all paperless is a huge plus.”

“It will be the number one system in the marketplace because Tutis can do it all, from the time the customer enrols right through to when their invoice and certificate is emailed to them.”

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