Paul Maloney

Executive Director and Chairman

Professional Consulting Services Infrastructure background. Paul has over 30 years of experience in the delivery of complex project approvals working for developers, explorers, asset managers, operators and constructors.

Chris Wright

CEO and Executive Director

Software Solutions background. Founder & President of a solutions company servicing mining, oil & gas and utilities sectors across 30+ countries. Strategic Consultant/Director of software firms.

Simon Bird

Non-Executive Director

Finance and Mining background. Past CFO and CEO roles across a range of industries. Currently Company Director on a several boards including an ASX-listed company in the mining sector.

Jack Wilson

Non-Executive Director

Mining Operations background. Experienced executive for a number of large mining companies. Career focus has been safe production, including working as general manager of many large operations.

Heather Munro

Non-Executive Director

Training Management & Mining Operations background. 30+ years in training & safety compliance, consulting and product design. Founder and business architect of the TUTIS solutions. Currently CEO of Resources Training Council.

Tutis Team

Chris Wright


Tony Frood

Product Manager

Janaka Dassanayake

Senior Software Engineer

Meng Zhou

Senior Software Engineer

Fiona Munro

Senior Functional Consultant

Jamie Sharpe

Senior Functional Consultant

Douglas Souza

Technical Consultant / DevOps Engineer

Dustin Ross

Graphic/Web Designer

Urmi Agravat

Software Engineer (Maintenance)