TUTIS Enterprise

TUTIS_Enterprise Solution

TUTIS_Enterprise solution is Workforce Compliance software solution for large enterprises.  It is a cloud-based solution with features across multiple business functions. Features include on-boarding, skillset management, mapped assessments, learning management, paperless records management, and other industry specific functionality.

The aim of the TUTIS_Enterprise solution is to simplify workforce compliance in a complex world, and to deliver Compliance Assured.


  • Onboarding of staff and contractors:
    Including the gathering and storage of skillset prerequisite evidence, online induction training and assessment, and site access (where required).
  • Project Resourcing and Skillset management:
    Identifying project resource requirement and tracking of skillset currency and management of refresher periods.
  • Learning Management:
    Loading and delivering any elearning course content which is SCORM compliant
  • Full Assessment Authoring Lifecycle:
    Creation, Mapping to standards, Validation, Trial, Release, Maintain, Version Control
  • Anywhere, Anytime Assessment Delivery:
    Delivered online and on mobile devices, with or without internet connectivity. It covers both knowledge and skills based training.
  • Full training records management:
    Including internal and external training.
  • Internal course scheduling and enrolments:
    Allowing for self-enrolment by employees and approval by management
  • Automation and Workflow: 
    For example (Paperless) Authorisation Workflow and Gate Access Integration
  • Notifications and Alerting: 
    Configurable rules-based messaging, sending by email or text
  • Permits and Incident Management: 
    Permit allocation, mobile incident management, and issue management
  • Flexible compliance reporting:
    Including many standard reports and fully customisable dashboards. TUTIS Compliance Capability and Features

TUTIS_Enterprise Integration

  • TUTIS_Enterprise integrates with corporate IT ecosystems.
  • TUTIS_Enterprise integrates with Gate Access Systems
  • TUTIS provides REST API integrations for sharing Tutis data and for accessing corporate data from the ERP and other business systems.
  • TUTIS also provides bulk data load facilities for data migration.