TUTIS_TRAIN solution is a training compliance solution for training providers such as Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). It is a holistic, cloud-based solution with a broad set of features designed for training providers, such as RTOs and PTEs.

The TUTIS_TRAIN product is a single, cloud- based, integrated Training Management System, Student Management System, CRM, RPL, elearning Management, Assessment Development and Delivery, Document Management and Regulatory Reporting software solution.  Reporting includes AVETMISS, VET Student Loans (government funding) and RAPT compliance reports plus configurable dashboards.

The product provides tracking and compliance processes across all training , assessment, student management and reporting activities, it is designed to provide a high-level of automation and fully supports paperless processes.

The aim of the TUTIS_TRAIN solution is to simplify training compliance in a complex world, and to deliver Compliance Assured.


  • Training management: comprehensive training management features, such as managing course offerings
  • End-to-end student record management: from enrolment through your website to issuing of credentials – every activity is logged thereby providing full audit and compliance tracking
  • Student Self-enrolment: Website Plug-In for your existing website to enable students to self-enrol and payment gateways so that they can pay at enrolment time plus optional API integration for integrating with accounting and other systems:
  • elearning Management: loading of any SCORM-compliant elearning course material, including animation, narration, interactivity etc.
  • Virtual Reality Add-ons: simulated classrooms with holograms, virtual teleporting; task-based VR practical training’; anywhere, anytime VR training – NEW coming soon
  • Full Assessment Authoring Lifecycle: assessment creation, mapping to national standards, validation, trial, release, maintain, version control
  • Assessment Features:  Knowledge and Skills based assessments, multiple types of assessments (eg multiple choice, label the diagram, key word, long answer), with many features such as automated marketing, anti-fraud and many other controls
  • Placement Activity logging: Maintain and verify a log of activity undertaken by students working on industry placements
  • Anywhere, Anytime assessments: assessments delivered online and on mobile devices, with or without internet connectivity.
  • Course scheduling: including assigning rooms, resources and personnel.
  • Continuous Improvement features: including automations and workflow management.
  • Flexible internal reporting: suite of standard reports plus fully customisable dashboards.
  • AVETMISS: reporting and claims management.
  • Incident Management: tablet based incident management forms, processes and reporting
  • Document Management: either use TUTIS_TRAIN built-in document management or integrate with your own existing document management system
  • User Access Management: fully configurables roles and profiles to manage feature permissions and organisational structure/work areas to manage data access control



TUTIS_TRAIN is for training providers such as RTOs (Australia) and PTEs (New Zealand), it is an easy-to-use, all-in-one system.  It supports running paperless processes, and also supports a stage journey from partial paperless through to paperless.

The solution includes a high-level of configurable automation and management by exception thereby delivering productivity gains.  There are also many features to assist with training effectiveness. Given all activities are logged and nothing is deleted (only achived), they system is always audit-ready.

TUTIS_TRAIN is a cloud-based, all-in-one software product which takes the complexity and risk out of training management. In short benefits are: Managed Compliance Risk, Reduced Complexity (ease of use and automation), Optimised running costs (increased productivity and workforce agility), and Paperless Delivery.