Utilities and Infrastructure

Tutis provides a holistic solution for workforce capability, skillset management and training management for utilities and infrastructure organisations.  The Tutis solution focuses on helping organisations manage compliance risk, reduce complexity, optimise running costs and make these processes paperless.

This solution covers everything from identification of workforce skills requirements through workforce capability evaluation & skillset gap analysis, through induction, training, assessment, competency, authorisation, permits and access. Importantly, it also provides functionality for managing training course and assessment development and mapping to industry standards, managing updates, version control and release management.  Additionally it provide integration with common ERP/HR systems and has been designed for fitting within enterprise IT eco-systems.

Utilities and Infrastructure industries are facing major change across multiple areas of their business. The energy market is in transition, the pattern of power demand is changing, physical infrastructure is ageing, viable energy storage options are emerging, technology such as smart grids, smart meters, low-cost smart sensors (internet of things) have arrived. There is also a focus on renewables and an increasing regulatory burden; at the same time some organisations in the industry have a high proportion of staff near retirement.

Many utilities face these challenges while having to both run complex plant using traditional energy sources to deliver low-cost, base-load power, whilst also applying new technology and developing renewable energy sources.

Tutis has the solution to help meet this challenge by providing effective training management systems to ensure effective succession planning and upskilling so that staff and contractors have the skills to safely and efficiently perform their roles.  Our cloud based, managed solutions take the complexity and risk out of compliance management.

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