VReddo Virtual Reality Classrooms & Labs

Through the merger between Tutis & VReddo, the platform now offers the amazing, immersive & highly engaging training features that virtual reality can bring. Our VR offering is headlined by:

  • TUTIS VR Classroom
  • TUTIS VR Training Labs

Both products deliver a fully-immerse experience via the use of a virtual reality headset, high-quality visualisations and audio.

These VR training products fit within the overarching TUTIS LMS platform to provide optional virtual reality training delivery technology as TUTIS training objects, so auditable records are created and retained of all training undertaken in VR.

These records include who was trained, when, on what course and what course version, delivered by which trainer/assessor, why they are qualified to deliver the training, who developed the training and assessments, and why they are qualified to do so, etc…

TUTIS VReddo Classroom – for instructor-led simulated classrooms

  • Live Video, interactive remote learning
  • Delivering virtual face-to-face training
  • Use of fully immersive holograms and virtual teleporting


Training Labs – for practical simulations of tasks and activities

Benefits are:

  • More efficient
    • Better use of specialist trainer time eg one trainer can provide training simultaneously to several sites at once, without students having to travel
  • Most consistent
    • Workers (students) get exactly the same information because from the one trainer
  • More effective
    • The training is more effective because wearing headsets makes it a much more immersive and engaging experience, especially compared with zoom or similar conferencing

Thes products are available immediately, the integration with TUTIS_TRAIN will be available soon.

For more information contact us or download  brochure.

Interact in virtual environments, manipulate objects, perform tasks and solve problems. Learners can experience risk scenarios & learn how to respond effectively & appropriately in a safe environment .