Working with us

Working with us – The business problem, our approach and focus

Tutis provides workforce compliance and training management and compliance cloud-based software products and services including virtual reality modules.
Virtual reality modules include instructor-led, simulated classrooms and practical, task-based VR training labs to deliver a fully-immersive student experience.

The business problem which the Tutis solution addresses is:

Safely managing

  • a large workforce,
  • requiring many different competencies,
  • which expire or need to be refreshed frequently,

Working in a hazardous / complex environment

  • which is heavily regulated
  • where industry competency standards are defined
  • where there is a large proportion of contractors and/or where there is significant staff turnover

Within a society demanding more accountability

  • Higher governance demands
  • Higher expectations from a broader stakeholder community
  • Greater and more immediate visibility from social media/technology

The objective is to deliver greater workforce agility, increased availability, and higher productivity

Tutis provides a product solution directly for this asset-intensive industry problem (TUTIS_ENTERPRISE) and a solution for organisations which service this industry such as RTO Training Providers (TUTIS_TRAIN).

Tutis is the Latin word for Safe, Secure, Protected, Assured; The Tutis team is focused on delivering compliance assured in the areas of workforce and training compliance.

We are passionate about helping make the solutions work for you, your business and in your environment. One approach is to deliver the process as a managed service, with our experts running the solution for you, making it quick, easy and sustainable.

The Tutis solutions were created by a dedicated team with an extensive background in workforce capability and compliance. This experience has been gained across a several industries including mining, process, security, retail and training providers (RTOs). We act as trusted Advisors to solve your technology challenges and facilitate the adoption of new processes.

Key areas are:

  • Workforce Compliance for asset-intensive industry such as mining
  • Focus on blue-collar capability and compliance
  • Facilitating safe production
  • Delivering Compliance Assured
  • Creating a more agile and productive workforce


The purpose of the Tutis solution is to deliver compliance assured; we would love to help your organisation achieve this.  This Tutis Corporate Compliance Sructure is:


TUTIS_ENTERPRISE software product is a workforce compliance solution for large enterprises. It is a cloud-based software solution with features across multiple business functions designed for enterprises. Features include on-boarding of staff and contractors, skillset management, Assessments mapped to national standards, Learning Management, Full training records management, and Paperless Authorisation and Access.

TUTIS_TRAIN software product is training compliance and management solution for training providers. It is a cloud-based software solution with features across the business functions such as training, elearning, assessment and reporting activities.   TUTIS_TRAIN is a single, integrated TMS, SMS, CRM, RPL, LMS, Assessment and Reporting software solution. Reporting includes AVETMISS and RAPT compliance reports and configurable dashboards.

Managed Service

Have ultimate peace of mind by having the experts run the compliance processes. A Tutis managed service, for example on-boarding managed service,  helps take the hard work out of managing the operational side of compliance. Our team are experienced in managing all administrative aspects of compliance and training. Purchase your Tutis solution as a managed service and achieve total compliance assured.


Tutis provides a comprehensive range of services to support the adoption and on-going use of its solutions. Services include Account Management, Compliance Advisory, Tutis Solution Enablement, Integration Services, Data Migration, (elearning) Training Course content upgrading, and Tutis solution training.


Tutis provides helpdesk support, by phone and email, delivered by Australian-based, experienced Tutis product support staff. Tutis provides a support portal with both an on-line support ticket system and a self-service on-line product knowledgebase